Leveling & Farming

Level any character from 1-60 with the Neverwinter Bot’s Questing and Grinding capabilities, then farm for currencies in end-game.

Intelligent Automation

Winterbuddy uses smart logic based on your character stas and information to to make botting a piece of cake!

Feature Complete

The Neverwinter Bot automatically detects your combat setup, and includes with all the features you need for automated gameplay.

Secure Botting

Winterbuddy is undetected by the game client and behaves like a player to avoid drawing attention to itself.


1-60 Neverwinter Leveling Bot

Take any newly created character straight to level 60 in a matter of days with Winterbuddy. Load questing or grinding profiles to automatically level your character. Winterbuddy can interact with quest givers, use items, automatically configure its combat system, sell items and much more.

Load Winterbuddy with any questing or grinding profile and hit start. Winterbuddy will automatically detect your class, level, and abilities to determine your combat skills. Enable AutoEquip and Skill plugins to automatically equip gear and spend your skill points. Winterbuddy can navigate the game world, fight mobs, sell items and generally automate the leveling process while you get away from the computer, browse the web or watch a movie.

Farming on Autopilot

Why waste time grinding by hand or buying zen when you can farm astral diamonds on autopilot? This Neverwinter bot can grind mobs for hours on end, or be scripted to complete quests or tasks. Pimp out your character with the mounts, gear, pets and vanity items that money can buy with Winterbuddy.


Easy Automation

Start Winterbuddy with just a couple of button clicks. Ensure your settings are configured correctly, load your profile, and hit go. Winterbuddy can automatically accept and turn in quests, load areas, fight, navigate, buff and much more! The Neverwinter bot can run in the background, so you can take a break from the computer, browse the web, or watch a movie while it runs.

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